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3Dinova’s 3D Library

Unlimited access to 3Dinova’s 3D Models specially designed for 3D printing.

New 3D models are added every month, with new categories.

High-quality 3D models are done by professional 3D designers.

You can also Request a customized model today!

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3D Printing Workshops

Introducing the youth to 3D printing

Learn the 3D Design, Modelling and Printing.

Learn how to think like innovators, work as a team to analyze and solve real-world problems through 3D printing.

Hands-on 3D printing workshops

We come to you all Equipped!

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3Dinova Makerspace

3Dinova’s 3D Printing Makerspace is a place that is open for creative designers, students and hobbyists alike. Our all-round facility and equipment can help turn your ideas into functional and touchable prototypes!

Our Makerspace will allow you access to the latest equipment and machinery, including 3D printers and a library of raw materials.

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Enabling Innovators

Our aim. What we offer. Why 3D printing?


3Dinova aims to bridge the gap between books and technology, by incorporating 3D printing into the classroom. Students develop analytical and critical thinking, as well as “real” world skills.


3D printing inspires young innovators, engineers, designers and even inventors! 3Dinova provides online lessons and activities categorized based on age and subject.


Did you know that Dubai envisions to have 25% of its new buildings 3D printed by the year 2030! Discover career opportunities in 3D printing that is set out to change the world!


3Dinova will bring together innovative mind and create a community to share their passion for technology and education. Join us and help by enable innovators!

3D Library


Category: Animals

Price: 19 AED

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Ferrari World

Category: UAE Inspired

Price: 19 AED

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Classic Car 7

Category: Classic Cars

Price: 19 AED

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What Clients say about 3Dinova?

“3Dinova were very creative and cooperative in designing the best program that suits our corporate needs. We look forward for a long term relationship with 3Dinova that excels in new and innovative ideas. 3Dinova focuses on developing the skills that are related to innovation in a very entertaining way using 360 Fusion Software. I would highly recommend them for those who seek innovative concepts in any technology”.

Mouza AlMheiri Programs Coordinator

What Students say about 3Dinova?

“I loved the workshop, I want to make a life sized copy of me”

Huda Student

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