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Our 3D printing company in Dubai is equipped with high-end printing technology, materials, and application expertise to offer quality outputs. Harness the potential of 3D printing and modelling with our services to enjoy a faster turnaround from concept to product launch. At 3Dinova, we offer the following services:

3D Library

Check out our 3D library with both free and paid
pre-prepared designs to use with your 3D printer.

Why 3Dinova for 3D Digital Artwork?

Our 3D design company comprises artists and designers with solid experience and industry expertise. Our team has realized projects for various domains with keen precision and detail. Equipped with state-of-the-art additive manufacturing technology and machines, we are proud to offer premium 3D printing services catering to the diverse needs of a wide range of industries with business agility.


3D Printing Workshops in UAE

“3Dinova were very creative and cooperative in designing the best program that suits our corporate needs. We look forward for a long term relationship with 3Dinova that excels in new and innovative ideas. 3Dinova focuses on developing the skills that are related to innovation in a very entertaining way using 360 Fusion Software. I would highly recommend them for those who seek innovative concepts in any technology”.

Mouza AlMheiri Programs Coordinator

3D Printing in UAE

“During Sharjah Innovation week, I took my grade 10 students to attend the 3D printing workshop conducted by 3Dinova. The students really enjoyed this workshop in which they were exposed to the latest 3D printing technologies. The session was very inspirational. The students were actively engaged in the session. The overall experience was great”.

Basel Obaid Creative Design and Innovation Teacher

3D Printing Courses in UAE

"The 3D Printing Summer Program delivered by 3Dinova was a great experience that students truly enjoyed. The material was good for the students to digest and expand on, and the environment and support they received gave no limit to their creativity. The flexibility and cooperation of the 3Dinova team was highly apparent and contributed to the success of the program"

Dubai Future Academy Team Client

3D Printing in UAE

“I loved the workshop, I want to make a life sized copy of me”

Huda Student

3D Printing in UAE

“I loved the workshop, I want to make an Eiffel tower, iPad case, unicorn horn, Maverick logo”

Sarah Student

3D Printing in UAE

“I enjoyed the workshop. I would like to make the structure of a microphone, a phone case, a keychain, 3D structure of the letter “L” and a bookmark” 

Batool Kefah Student


3Dinova in Media

3D Printing Workshops in UAE
3D Printing Workshops in UAE