Student Workshop aim and outcomes

Workshop aim and outcomes:

  • Learn the basics of 3D Design, Modelling and Printing
  • Learn how to think like innovators, work as a team to analyze and solve real-world problems through 3D printing.
  • Create products and projects to take HOME!
  • Get a full 3D scan of yourself and others
  • Intensive theory and real-life applications of 3D printing.
  • All about 3D printers: how? Why? When? And what? to work with 3D printing and 3D printers.

Target attendees 

Our workshops target individuals who plan to implement 3D printing; whether as part of creating a prototype for a school project, assignment or a design project, or simply want to learn all about 3D Design, Modelling and 3D printing!


3D Printing Summer Program

Dates: 25th – 29th August, 2019

3D Printing Summer Program

Dates: 4th – 8th August, 2019

Green Community 3D Printing Workshop

Dates: 10th of July, 2019

3D Printing Bootcamp (Session 1) – Sharjah 2019

Dates: 8th – 9th of April, 2019

3D Printing Winter Camp – Sharjah 2018

Dates: 25 – 27th of December, 2018

3D Printing Winter Camp – Dubai 2018

Dates: 16 – 18th of December, 2018

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