QuadFusion Print Head

999.00 AED

The QuadFusion is the first of its kind, direct drive, four filament mixing extruder. This revolutionary new extruder will allow you to mix both colors and materials, making it possible to print in a full-color range when you use cyan, magenta, yellow and key filaments.
It can be mounted onto any 3D Printer, but you will need electronics which can run four extruder motors (we recommend the Duet 2 Maestro and extruder expansion board), a cable to connect the head to the electronics, and a mounting plate to mount it onto your 3D printer.

Tech Specs:

Can be mounted onto any 3D Printer.
Level: Intermediate to Expert

Best For: Workshops & Enthusiasts

Resolution: 25-500 microns

Nozzle: 0.35mm, stainless steel

Speed: Up to 80mm/s

Max. Extruder Temp: 270°C

Extruder Type: Quad

Software: Open Source

Supported Files: .STL, .OBJ, G-CODE



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