What is 3Dinova?

3Dinova aims to bridge the gap between books and technology, which is why we are THE ONLY PLATFORM IN THE REGION, which is set up to provide endless resources, content, activities, class projects and inspiration to incorporate 3D printing into education.

That’s not it, 3dinova also brings together educators and like-minded inspiring individuals that share the same passion to share their ideas.

Introduction to 3D Printing

3D printing also known as additive manufacturing is the process of creating 3-Dimensional objects from a digital file. The object is created by making thin layers of horizontal cross sections until we have the full model. 3D printing is now the centre of attention for many industries like aerospace, automotive, medicine, food, fashion and even education.

  • Biology Students can study sections of the human body.
  • Science students can build their own periodic table.
  • Art students can have 3D forms for their artwork.
  • Design and Technology students can create product prototypes.
  • Geography students can study the earth’s layers.
  • Math students can explore 3D shapes and patterns.

The possibilities of using 3D printing in education is endless. That is why 3Dinova is set out to Enable Innovators!

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