What is 3D Scanning?

3D Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light.

3D scanners create millions of points of data from the upper surface of an object. Basically, 3D scanning is a way to take a physical object’s exact size and shape into a digital file and on a screen as a digital 3-Dimensional image.

3D scanners can measure the finest details and free-form shapes, which are then translated to accurate points. These points are then revere engineered, and the photo is then 3D modelled to a “usable” 3D file, which can then be modified, translated and/or 3D printed.

Benefits of 3D Scanning Services:

3D Scanning Technology has revolutionized the design and manufacturing process in various industries be it shoe designing or supercar manufacturing. Whether for an artistic restoration or engineering prototype, it is an efficient and precise means of manufacturing products on an as-needed basis. With 3D Scanning, you can scan an object multiple times from every angle and turn a tangible product into a virtual design within seconds. Here are five reasons to use high-quality and accurate 3D Model Scanning Services in Dubai from 3DInova.

Save Time at Design Stage

Let’s say a product needs a new part to be designed based on a preexisting object. You can reverse-engineer this new object using 3D Scanning technology. A 3D Scanner is a perfect tool to get into every nook and corner of the existing product and measure the exact dimensions of the area where the new part is required to be fit, and it can do this in no time at all. The same concept can also be applied if the current design needs any alteration or the current measurement of the design needs to be revised. For example, if a ring’s or automotive part’s thickness needs to be changed, 3D Scanners can resolve this way faster than hand-drawn diagrams and manual calculations.

Make the Prototyping Process Faster

Creating an accurate prototype can be a tedious process, but with 3D Scanning technology, it is now a child’s play. 3D Scanning can reduce the amount of prototype cycles required in the design and production stage. A 3D Scanner can not only measure cross-sections but also identify areas where an object may be warped. It has also the unique ability to save all the data in every scan which comes really handy when you need to compare the different versions of the prototypes.

Fast and Comprehensive Quality Control

Did you know that 3D Scanners are so accurate that museums rely on them to preserve world-famous artefacts? 3D Scanning helps them to check the material’s composition and the object’s volume accurately and in a time-efficient manner. The manufacturing industry can also benefit from the same. 3D Scanning facilitates easy checking of a product’s design quality, scale and scalability within millimetres of accuracy. You can even compare the shape of the manufactured product with the original CAD design to find the slightest deviations by simply viewing the data in 3D Colour Map.

Remanufacture Parts without CAD Software

If you ever need to remanufacture a part developed before the widespread use of CAD software, then 3D Scanning is your saviour. 3D scanners can produce accurate reproductions by simply scanning an old part and using reverse engineering software to create a CAD design model of the same, allowing you to compare the newly developed prototype to the 3D scan of the old part to check for accuracy.

Easy to Compare Designs with Manufactured Products

Another advantage of 3D Scanning is the advanced ability to compare the as-designed model to the as-built product model. 3D Scanning can help ensure that the original vision comes to fruition in the end. By comparing the designs to the manufactured product, you can ensure that the product will fit as needed, for example, in an automobile. Similarly, this cross-check could tell a jeweller whether a jewel will fit inside a pendant or ring.

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