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3D Design & Modeling is now an essential component of product design, from the conceptual stage through production and even on to marketing material. Everything ranging from new product designs to a new investor presentation, 3D design technology is an effective tool that can help inventors bring their ideas to life. At 3D Innova, we leverage state-of-the-art additive manufacturing and metrology technology to solve tough engineering and manufacturing challenges for the benefit of visionary entrepreneurs every day.

Experience Customized 3D Design Services

Our comprehensive 3D Modeling & Design Services help you unlock the full potential of your idea using the latest and advanced 3D design technology. Whether you are looking for an exact rendering of your design or simply need an STL file for your 3D printing needs, we’ve got the creative expertise and engineering skills your CAD project demands. We can help you translate your existing design or concept into CAD or work alongside you to develop the 3D design required for your project from the ground up. Explore our various services below:

Product Design

Our 3D Product Modeling Services entail delivering intricate designs made by our expert team of designers matching your specifications that can be manufactured immediately.

Virtual Environments

3D virtual environments are a great way to prepare your part and improve your team’s situational understanding. Our engineering experts use 3D technology to recreate real-life situations and multiple scenarios that may affect the service life of your part.

Reverse Engineering

3D Modeling helps you derive the exact measurements you need for the real thing. Scan your product or part to understand the changes made to the shape and design that you desire using our advanced metrology technology and 3D design solutions.

Exploded Assemblies

Use advanced 3D inspection software to model your assemblies for manufacturing. We can provide a spread-out, exploded view of how your assembly components fit together.

CAD Engineering

Visualize your product or part in its entirety. Interact with a virtual model or simulate specific movements within 3D CAD software.

Design for Additive

Use 3D Design & Modeling Services to optimize your printed part for additive manufacturing. We can reduce the weight of your part by 50-70% and enhance your 3D data for immediate production.

2D to 3D Conversion

With our 3D Design & Modeling Services, it is easier to simply convert all images, logos, and drawings to a 3D file for closer inspection and convenience of printing.

File Cleanup

Ensure a successful printing of a 3D part with a clean 3D file. Our 3D engineers can clean, edit, and improve your file to optimize it for the best printable product.

Benefits of 3D Modeling Services

The advantages of 3D Modeling for designers go beyond just productivity and coordination. It is essentially a much-needed tool of communication for the designer and the end user both. 3D models can help spark crucial conversations during the design phase and potentially avoid costly construction mishaps. While a better overall design may be the most significant advantage of 3D CAD modeling, it’s essential to consider its other ancillary benefits too:

Design Efficiency

3D Modeling solutions can reduce the time and money you spend on 2D designing. 3D CAD software enables you to check, test, and revise every component of a structure or product before it goes into production. You can avoid costly returns of going back to the drawing board simply by gaining the power to see an object from any angle. It can reveal issues that no drawing or 2D design ever could.

More Precision & Control

3D scanning can be used to create specific virtual sites and spaces well before 3D design even begins. It means 3D designs ensure that the issues regarding the various parts fitting and working together can be minimized.

Keep Stakeholders in the Loop

3D Models are a great tool not only for just engineers and designers but also for investors and stakeholders. It enables them to see the progress of the project as it is happening. It can also be used to show them a ‘working model’ of the design at any stage before it goes into production.

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