Dream it, plan it, print it!

Dream it, plan it, print it!

Dream it, plan it, print it!

3D printing is fast becoming a popular hobby for all ages

There has been much discussion about how 3D printing is revolutionizing a broad range of industries, creating new careers for the workforce of the future. But what about those who are interested in how 3D printing can be a rewarding hobby that boosts creativity? Luckily, there’s never been a better time for adults, children, and entire families to explore how 3D printing can be an exciting pastime for anyone at any age.

Why is 3D printing becoming a popular hobby?

With at-home 3D printers now available at affordable rates, more and more people are exploring 3D printing as a fun and engaging hobby. Compact 3D printers, give interested hobbyists an easy way to try out 3D printing in the comfort of their own homes. Every project can be personalized, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, even if it’s something as simple as a model car or as complex as a musical instrument.

3D printing’s popularity also comes at a time when the marker movement has gone global. People around the world are interested in being able to make their own products at home, from household items to educational models and toys. Many want to have more control over the design process, making sure they can produce exactly what they want and need whilst minimizing unnecessary waste and cost. 3D printing as hobby offers the perfect outlet for these demands whilst also giving people the freedom to modify and design items for their particular requirements.

How can hobbyists help shape the UAE’s 3D printing industry?

In the UAE, 3D printing as a hobby is also seeing a boost in popularity, which means hobbyists increasingly have a voice in the industry’s future. As the hobby grows, so does demand for all kinds of resources, including at-home 3D printers and design software like Autodesk Fusion 360. Plus, as people become familiar with 3D printing as a hobby, they will also develop the skills required to create a greater talent pool from which the industry can find their future designers, engineers, programmers, and leaders.

How do 3D printing hobbyists in the UAE compare to the US?

3D printers for at-home use have been available in the US since the late 2000s, which has allowed the hobby community to grow steadily. At-home 3D printers arrived more recently to the UAE, but the country’s tech savvy consumers and its forward-thinking policies supporting 3D printing ensure that more people are educated about, and excited by, what can be accomplished with this cutting-edge technology. For example, the Dubai Future Foundation’s 3D printing strategy will establish the emirate as the world’s 3D printing hub, which should be encouraging for industry leaders and hobbyists alike.

From those who have been involved with 3D printing for decades to those who are just now learning about it, it is now easier than ever to start exploring this exciting technology. To learn more about 3D printing, including at-home 3D printers,  and 3D printing workshops, contact 3Dinova by clicking here.