3D Printing in Schools

3D Printing Workshops in UAE

If you are a teacher, school administrator, or parent of school-aged children, you’ve probably noticed that education today is very different from when you were a student.

Of course, children still have to study hard, pass their exams, and find some time to enjoy sports and extracurricular activities.

But now, schools are focusing much more on preparing students for the world of tomorrow, which includes nurturing creative and critical thinking, innovative problem solving, and a deep understanding of emerging technologies.

That’s why 3D printing for kids is a natural fit for today’s modern, forward-thinking classrooms. From 3D printing online courses and lessons to 3D workshops, it’s easier than ever to introduce students to the exciting world of 3D printing and prototyping.

3D printing in schools offers students (and teachers!) an ever-growing list of benefits. We’ve highlighted our top two reasons we think 3D printing and prototyping in schools brings learning to life.


  1. Students become active participants in their own education.


In a traditional classroom, a maths lesson might introduce children to the Pythagorean Proof Theory or a biology class may have students learn the structure of a plant cell from a textbook. But by using 3D printing and prototyping in schools, students can take apart these abstract concepts and transform into functional models.

3D printing in schools gives students the chance to explore their school subjects in ways that require active engagement with the material. With 3D printing online courses and lessons to 3D workshops, children have almost endless opportunities to challenge themselves by testing their own theories and designs. This hands-on, student-driven approach to learning helps even the most reluctant child develop his or her creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity.


  1. With 3D printing and prototyping, students can design innovative solutions for real-world problems.


Have you heard about students designing workable prosthetics using 3D printing and prototyping? Or what about the high school senior who created a special alarm clock to wake heavy sleepers? Or the UAE-based student developing special glasses to detect epilepsy?

3D printing in schools gives students the ability to see how maths, sciences, engineering, and design are used in the real world to solve problems both large and small. And the best part is that each project is interactive and hands-on, engaging children across a range of disciplines. Students also work collaboratively with each other and their teachers as they test their theories and designs, learning what works and what needs to be re-worked.


How can 3D printing be introduced to your school?


Are you a teacher, school administrator, or parent who is interested in exploring how to introduce 3D printing to your school?

At 3Dinova, we have worked with a wide range of schools, running 3D printing workshops, showcasing our online courses and lessons, and hosting our makerspace on-site. We help schools incorporate 3D printing into their curriculum, giving students the unique opportunity to explore this vital technology of the future whilst enhancing their own skills and abilities.

To learn more about 3D printing in schools, including 3D printing online lessons and courses, and 3D printing workshops, contact 3Dinova by clicking here.