3Dinova’a hands-on 3D printing workshops

3Dinova'a hands-on 3D printing workshops

3D Printing first emerged during the early 80s, back then it was simple powder based additives that were used to fabricate simple three-dimensional shapes. It is safe to say that 3D printing has come a long way since then and is not limited to the industrial field anymore.

In order to advance the field of 3D printing in what is one of the most innovative nations; 3Dinova has put the 3D printing technology into the hands of the youth, arguably the ones that will be shaping the future.

What we have done is pave the way for future generations by providing 3D printing workshops that can help students pursue a more innovative and creative career path. Given the knowledge and skills that they gain from our workshops, young minds are able to be dynamic and receptive to the ever-changing world.

The workshops are hands on and bring more fun into the world of design, and helps nourish the creativity and inventiveness of young minds by allowing them to learn about the different aspects of 3D printing such as the different methods, materials, and the numerous applications where 3D printing can be utilized.

The process starts with an idea to solve a problem, once the student has that, they move on to the design stage, where they troubleshoot and sort out the specifics of what they imagine their outcome to look like. Designs are modeled using 3D design software that are on par with industry leading professional software, while remaining user-friendly to keep the experience entertaining. Finally, the students are able to print their designs using the state-of-the-art machines that we utilize.

The process in its entirety helps students understand that 3D printing is not limited for use in design fields such as architecture and aerospace, but also in fields such as medicine, where these models can help enhance the understanding of organs for example, which further enhances the learning experience.

After planting this seed of curiosity within the students, they are more obliged to look further into the world of 3D printing, hence molding critical thinkers with a problem solving attitudes. After every workshop that we conduct, we have students coming back to ask us about 3D printing and wanting to learn more, this shows that such technology nurtures a want for learning in these young minds.

3D printing is still in its infancy stages when it comes to development, such technology will skyrocket in popularity and applications in the ever-growing technology-dependent world we live in, 3Dinova is on the forefront of this movement to help stir the minds of future leaders and creating the minds that will form the future.

3Dinova is a Sharjah based company that regularly holds and conducts workshops all over the UAE.